The Villages of Creekside

Looking for a way to be more involved with our community?  Join a committee!!

If interested, please contact Holly Widdowson at Horst Management.

She will put you in touch with the committee chairman.  

Horst Management’s telephone number is (717) 581-9862.

1. Architectural Control Committee- Works with the Board of Directors to review and/or approve homeowner requests for architectural or landscaping changes as called for in Articles II and VII of the Declaration of Covenants and Restrictions and in accordance with HOA Board directives and policies. Watches for any proposals, programs, or activities which may adversely affect the value of homeowners’ property. Chairman: Eric DiBiaso / Board Representative: Eric DiBiaso

2. Lawn and Landscape Committee - Responsible for the maintenance, repair or improvement of the common area grounds. This committee obtains bids on repairs or services needed in this community and follows-up on homeowners’ concerns about mowing, weeds, etc. Chairman: Andy Onushco / Board Representative: Andy Onushco

3. Maintenance Committee - Responsible for the structures of the Association including the Village Center, pool and adjacent recreational areas. This committee obtains bids on repairs or services needed in this community and follows up on homeowners’ concerns. Chairman: Pat Dorsey / Board Representative: Pat Dorsey

4. Audit/Finance Committee– Responsible for reviewing and approving all bills incurred by the Creekside Homeowners Association. Provides the Board with a report of late association dues, prepares quarterly financial statements, and develops a yearly budget report. Chairman: Chris Gaughan / Board Representative: Chris Gaughan

5. Publicity Committee – Updates and maintains a Creekside Web page. Informs homeowners of all activities and functions of the Association either via email broadcasts or print as appropriate. Chairman: Dave Htlacky / Board Representative: Rachael Bowman

6. Welcoming Committee – Responsible for welcoming new homeowners to the community and provides them with an information packet. Chairman: Emily Hackleman / Board Representative: Emily Hackleman

7. Nominations Committee – Makes as many nominations for election to the BOD as it shall in its discretion determine but not less than the number of vacancies there are to be filled. Chairman: Audrey Lied / Board Representative: Jenn Stanhope 

8. Neighborhood Watch Committee – Works with the North Cornwall Township Police and community associations to promote the safety of the families in our community. Chairman: Chris Gaughan / Board Representative: Chris Gaughan

9. Social Committee – Puts together events to engage the community; Spring Egg Hunt, Summer Picnic, Halloween Parade, Holiday Party, etc. Chairman: Rachael Bowman / Board Representative: Rachael Bowman